Before I started working with Sam I was struggling with anxiety, stress, low self-confidence and belief in myself.

Our first appointment was to establish which areas of my life I wanted to work on. As my home life circumstances were about to change I also needed to find employment. Sam sent me numerous motivational podcast videos to watch to keep me thinking positively about the day/days ahead.


To start the day off well I jump under a cold shower and tell myself 'I am unstoppable, I am enough, I am badass', this really works and I still do it now, every morning without fail. I had to push myself out of my comfort zone and enquire about jobs I liked the look of and register with job agencies, create a CV and start applying for jobs.


Over the next few weeks, we looked at my time management through the day to make sure I was making the most of the day. Again this really works and I am now able to get through my daily tasks without feeling rushed or anxious because I have set out a time to do things. I also had to list things I felt were out of my control in my life, as I worked through the list I realised I was actually in control of nearly all my worries, this made them almost disappear because I knew they were in my hands.

After applying for a particular job Sam said it would be good to call in and discuss the role with them to see if I'd like it.


I was really nervous about this but pushed myself out of my comfort zone and went for it. Two days later I had my first interview in nearly ten years. I went on to another interview/assessment day the week after which I was again very nervous about as I hadn't any experience in the field but I wanted to push myself again. I don't remember the last time I felt so proud of myself. I got through the interview which was 5 hours long, I felt on top of the world and knew I would never be nervous about another interview again. I progressed on to a second interview with the first company and have just accepted the position.


I can't thank Sam enough for all her help over the past few weeks and I will be forever grateful to her for equipping me with the tools I need to live a happier, more productive and positive life. Thank you, Sam.

~ Jayne

From my very first conversation with Sam, I knew with her support my new business venture would be off to a good start.


I was lucky enough to work with Sam over an eight week period at the launch of my personal training business. Sam listened intently to my vision and ambition, and she seemed to understand the insecurities and worries I had about becoming self-employed and responsible for my own career path. From the very beginning, she was able to offer solutions to every doubt or issue I presented. She talked my ideas through with me calmly and professionally, offering alternative ideas and reassessing the small details of each idea. 


Sam has the ability to encourage and inspire, yet being straight to the point and factual. No airy-fairy pie in the sky talk.....just concrete visions on how to expand and develop a successful business. Sam's own previous successes seem to have stood her in good stead to take on this amazing new role she is developing. If anyone was perfect for this path Sam is it! 


I am the first to admit I'm a talker instead of a doer! That has definitely improved since working with Sam and I'm learning from her guidance how to prioritise tasks within my business and stay focused on the administrative side too, including client feedback, logbooks, and client development books, just to name a few suggestions made by Sam. 


On a personal level, I suddenly felt very supported in my decision to start this business.  Nothing seems unachievable when I speak to Sam about my ideas and she seems to find it easy to turn the ideas into working practices. Sam understood my vision even when I didn't feel I was explaining myself, without any judgement Sam listened and was able to pick up the vision too, encouraging and advising how to bring that vision to life.


Without a doubt, my path into this new venture has been made so much clearer with the help and guidance Sam has provided. Her ideas are fresh and current, she has a great knowledge of the power of social media and marketing, her self development style is inspiring and realistic and she's a great person just to bounce ideas off.  I am already looking forward to the day when I am ready to work with Sam in the future when I am ready to take my business to the next level.

~ Clare

I met Sam after winning a competition she was running on Supreme Minority. Which was 10 free coaching sessions with her. On the 1st call, she instantly made me feel at ease and I gradually began to open up to her.


Through her guidance and mindset coaching, I began to change in my outlook on life and my confidence began to grow. I was having some relationship issues which she has helped with massively and has pointed me in the right direction for further help. Her ongoing support and belief in me has given me the courage to take further steps to benefit my life. I am definitely a happy person and look forward to my future.


The whole experience with Sam has been life-changing for me and I will be eternally grateful for her help and support.


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