DR. Stephanie Hill

About Me

Hi, I’m Steph! I’m a Doctor by trade, currently working on the Intensive Care Unit but my career goal is to be a consultant in end of life care.


I did a degree in biochemistry first and then went onto graduate entry medicine. To keep me sane I dabble in bodybuilding and this will be my 5th year competing. I started in the bikini class and have now ventured into toned figure. With my busy lifestyle I have worked very hard over the last year or so to work on slowing down and protecting my mental health. Creating my supreme minority has meant that I focus on keeping myself healthy inside and out so that I can help others. I do this by exercising, eating well (and that also involves having treats too!), meditation and ensuring I talk about things when I am upset or angry.


My job and my personality mean that suppressing emotions feels more natural for me but that’s not the way forward and I work hard to prevent this from happening as you can’t feel the good if you can’t feel the bad! I’ve learnt a lot of lessons and I am fully aware that there are more to come!

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