About Me

Where to start…I feel I have lived a varied life.


So I had a pretty ‘normal’ upbringing, born in Lancashire but I have lived the majority over in Yorkshire, so I get told I have a weird accent.


Primary school for me was split in Padiham and Hebden Bridge, venturing into 6th Form and then The University of Huddersfield. I began my studies in Occupational Therapy; however this wasn’t for me and transferred into BSc Sport and Exercise. I will add that it wasn’t until my later teens that I took more of an interest in health and fitness.


I came away with BSc Hons 1st in my degree, but in this time I also gained;

  • L2 NVQ Gym Instruction

  • L3 NVQ Personal Training

  • Life Guard Qualification

  • First Aid


During my time in University, I began to consider joining the Police force however was discouraged by my ex-fiance at the time, so through exploring I ventured into the world of Medical Sales – it ticked a lot of boxes for me regards my interests, my competitive side and career progression.


I have worked for a number of large Blue Chip medical companies in my decade+ of being in the industry and along the way have also gathered;

  • L3 NVQ Nutrition

  • Sports Nutrition

  • L3 NVQ Sports Massage

  • L2 Food Hygiene

  • First aid in the Workplace

  • Diploma in Life Coaching

  • Mental Health Mentor Status

  • Certified FakeBake and ProTan Spray Tan Consultant


So you could say I have always had a budding interest in knowing more about health, fitness and nutrition with my need for personal growth and development being a recognised constant in my life. The next goal is my NLP completion, as well as CBT, Modern Applied Psychology, Mindfulness and a deeper look at Emotional Intelligence.


I have always been keen to understand more about HOW THINGS WORK with the body – the human body and mind are truly fascinating!! Plus as someone overcoming previous Anorexia nervosa, bulimia, excessive and obsessive exercise disorders and laxative abuse – I feel a lot of this reading has been somewhat therapy to myself along the way. 

(My dissertation was a multifaceted investigation in to the cause of eating disorders.) 


On my hobby side of life I have been a part of various team and individual sports but the medical industry can leave you with a somewhat adhoc diary so committing to set times/days of training for a sport left me a little lost. It was in my corporate life my love for body building began, although having trained now for the last 16 years of my life, it was only in the last 6-8 years that training became a lot more purposeful for me.




During my bodybuilding career so far I have won a number of shows, won a couple of overalls, or placed top 3 minus NABBA universe 2017 (4th) and PCA British Finals 2017 (No placing!)

As a mindset coach; I believe I can facilitate life changing experiences to those Career driven women who also love to focus on business, fitness and overall wellbeing who require guidance, a new perspective and accountability – alongside which should you like to enquire for coaching and guidance in the gym and/or nutritionally, this is an offer I can extend to my exclusive coaching clients.


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