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For the Supreme Tribe - I hope you like our new page and to those of you who are new here, thank you so much for visiting. Please feel free to drop me a 'Chat' if you have any questions or find out more by following our IG pages: @Sam.Supreme.Coaching & @The.Supreme.Minority.

Please, I need to know...what's it all about?

Supreme Minority is a female transformation brand, specialising in facilitating women who have goals and dreams deep inside but feel they have held themselves back from discovering their true self, to unleash that diamond inside.

Not only does Supreme offer athletic wear to help you feel confidence in your health and fitness activities, but also our Founder Sam, specialises in working with busy corporate women who are feeling stuck, lost, unfulfilled and lacking confidence, to break free from societal expectation, uncover their inner super power and feel like a goddess...finally!!

Far too many of us cruise through life feeling mediocre and doing as we are told from those around us and what is 'expected' of us right? STOP!

Through options such as Group Coaching, time-framed mentoring and education or 1 to 1 bespoke coaching - Supreme Minority has your back to get you to that Ideal goal that you have only dreamed of until this point.

The mind is a very powerful tool that many of us underestimate and under - utilise, lets work together to open your awareness, build your responsibility and hand you back your empowerment!

If you have finally had enough of never having that feeling that you are actually in control of your life, always doubting yourself and persistently lacking confidence, then let's chat!

Now is the time to 'Become your own Supreme Minority'!

P.S - Watch this space for more Blogs and educational content...If there is anything you want to see more of, let's connect and talk more to see how I can help not just you but potentially thousands of other women feeling/thinking just like you.

Love S


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