Did you know that around 80% of us will fail on the resolutions we make by February…?
So, what’s the alternative?

This time of year can cause us many difficulties and uncertainty – being in fear of what we eat, how much, that we can’t burn it off as easily over this festive period and in some cases, feeling the need to binge/overeat ready for whatever ‘weight loss/health’ resolution we set for January 2021.

We see the new year to symbolise a fresh start, a new chapter and a reborn commitment to change…at least for January anyhow. So why do so many of us fail to keep these resolutions? A lot of it comes down to our goal setting abilities and it would actually work out better for many of us to not set a resolution!

We often make our resolutions in the thick of celebration and alcohol with no real thought into what it will take to achieve what we have ‘committed’ ourselves to. Eventually a few weeks down the line, “what’s the point” whistles through our minds until maybe 2 months in – we have already forgotten what we initially set out to achieve. This failure can impact our self-esteem, self- belief, leave us feeling guilty and doubting our self -worth, it could even turn into a worse behaviour.

Here are 10 reasons why our weight loss/health goals are often never achieved…

1. Life is a marathon not a sprint

We live in a society of immediacy and instant gratification, very much exacerbating the roles of the survival brain (where the brain forms habits and patterns through repetition whether a positive or detrimental habit to keep). This area of the brain is not time bound or future goal focused – it just wants things (often centred around survival…now). To break the detrimental habits, just like the formation – takes time and commitment for the long haul. To rewire these behaviours and patterns won’t happen overnight, but true commitment to change should not be a whimsical NY resolution. When you do commit, start small, these gradual changes will compound and feel effortless compared to a total life overhaul that often feels overwhelming!!

2. Running before you can walk

Literally in this case, but also with people wanting to jump ahead and skip the fundamental basics – getting them solid, before then getting to the next step. Supplements for example – the diet industry goes nuts in January will people jumping on the and wagon, however we have to wonder how many of these people have a solid baseline of nutrition first, being grounded in the basic requirements before throwing the rest of the shit at all wall and expecting the supps to work their ‘magic’.

3. Self Belief

We’ve been before right? Another year, the same resolution. Over time the brain learns that you have failed over and over before – so much so it actually starts to hold you back, so you don’t ever really fully commit, in case you fail yet again. What makes this year different for you? What deep down is really driving this motivation to change? You need to put in the fundamentals of mindset training and build your beliefs around yourself and your life in order to gain the external rewards. It is time to reclaim control and take thoughtful logical action. Once you begin to take action of any kind, this already kicks your life into the forward momentum you desire, it is important to remember that when we come across obstacles – we can overcome them, we often need to ask ‘how can I…’ instead of ‘why is this happening to me…’ – no victim mindsets please.

4. Analysis paralysis

We can often plan and research so much that we take no actual time actioning what we are finding, researching – procrastinating and seeking perfection in some in order to validate starting. However – just start! We need to start the learning process and action must occur in order for this growth and evolution to begin.

5. Stop wanting everything now!

If it was easy we would all be donning our ideal bodies in this ideal world we have built for ourselves….but instead we expect everything NOW and give up at each small hiccup of a challenge.

6. You hate the process

This ties into No.5 – many of us want to achieve something with our bodies however have somehow built a negative belief system around ‘healthy eating’ and exercise – we see it as a chore generally as we go too balls deep trying to achieve it all in a short space of time and it doesn’t really fit our lifestyle. A goal should add better things to your life, not add stress and anxiety to it. If we set a new goal, we need to make it fun, have people around you who want to be along for the ride and do it with you and not have to hammer your body every single day of the week!

7. It's Unrealistic

Often we start a new health and fitness plan all at the same time, we drop our pants on calories, way too low, too quick and unsustainably. The survival brain will automatically see this as a need to spark cravings, seek food and ultimately make you seek food in order for it to survive and maintain homeostasis…there is nothing wrong with you when this happens, the brian is simply doing it’s job despite the fact we know this day in age, that food is for many, always in abundance.We unfortunately cannot teach this to our survival brain. Make small changes and stick to the 80:20 rule to start with with your food and fitness choices.

8. Lack to Track

In order to keep consistency and a forward trajectory on our goals, we need to acknowledge our honest starting point and also keep track of changes and improvements we are making. This can be a simple notebook, a dedicated journal (Lift Life Log) to keep you on track with your training and your mindset each day

9. Lack of support

Whether this be friends, a coach, a person trainer. Having someone to keep you accountable can help you stay on track but also make things more fun and enjoyable. Start to surround yourself with new friends at work perhaps too who share your goal as this will also facilitate your drive and growth. There are also a plethora of Facebook groups suited to all fitness and health needs for online support.

10. WHY???

So many of us know WHAT we want – usually spoken or written in a way of escape/lack of where they are now, but don’t fix a ‘why’ they want something, what it will bring them, why this will impact their life for the better, the feelings, emotions, the sounds, smells, tastes and sights of this goal are imperative to set up the brain to seek more of what we envision for the direction we are heading. Act and become the person you are driven to become and the rest will follow.

  • The more specific you can make your goal,

  • The more vivid it will be in your imagination,

  • The more encouraged you’ll be,

  • The more likely it is you will succeed (because yes, you CAN do this!).


You must consider if you should make New Year’s resolutions to start with?

What’s the difference?

A resolution is a decision to (not) do/move away from a specific behaviour or change something about yourself that makes you unhappy/pained. Usually just a desire however, with no ‘why’ or ‘how’.

A goal is a series of planned and strategic steps designed to help you achieve the resolution.

So, this poses the question of “what is the point of New Year’s resolutions?”

We can use our resolution as our endpoint result we desire and with this, then plan backwards of how we can realistically achieve this and why it will bring more purpose and meaning to your life. There has to be a resounding WHY, as this will keep you moving forward even in the harder times.


For a resolution to be useful, we need to set a plan, like we would with goals. Let’s consider how to replace that ‘resolution’ with objectives that can actually work for you.


Change does not and will not feel easy, the process itself will test you, however we need to feel these struggles and push through how to overcome them in order to create successful growth and change! You need to commit to truly making it happen!


Get back to old school pen and paper, not on the laptop! The process of making notes and physical writing helps to process the information and make it stick as more meaningful information for us in our mind. Get absolutely CRYSTAL clear on what it is you want, why and how – visualising vividly that end goal and remind yourself of it every day – become immersed in those feelings and


Are you finally fed up with the pain your weight gain or your binge eating is causing you and know that you need to sort it out….WHY??? What will this bring you? What other opportunities will emerge? How does your life look without this? What other hobbies, activities will this allow you to do? We must look further than a short term outcome and really figure out the WHY of our goal otherwise it has no true meaning. Knowing your WHY will move you forward to finding a way to achieve it – even when things get challenging. With no New Year’s resolutions to create anxiety, you’re free to make incremental changes that culminate in achieving your goal.


What many of us are guilty of, is getting all these plans in place, all this research but not actually getting moving on anything. There will always be doubts, however when these slide into your brain DM’s, allow them to be visually squashed with what the new positives and benefits really entail. You must instill belief, affirming each day that you CAN and ARE doing this! There must be action and conviction in order to gain success, know that any challenge thrown at you, you will figure out HOW to get around it, even if it is with the help of others to help you see another perspective as you feel stuck/blocked. Always be receptive and open to new ideas and be curious along the way!


Tracking and measuring success if key – whatever form works best for you (if it is weight loss….please do NOT ONLY use scale weight, there are so many other metrics to consider than this alone – we will save this for another blog)

On the metrics – what will you also need to do per week to make your goal happen? Is it increasing your daily water, making 10 mins per morning to journal/self-develop, how about increasing your step count by 2000 steps per day? Set a reasonable allocated time period per day/week to do something and a timeline for this to build/increase. Remember consistency is key and writing these tasks in your diary like they are non-negotiable appointments with yourself is key to making things work for you. Be sure to check in weekly, monthly…assess your progress and your trajectory path as you continue. Grab your LIFT LIFE LOG HERE


There will always be challenges, hiccups, mess ups along the way. Never let this derail you. Acknowledge that it has happened, you are human after all, and then learn from it; ask yourself “How can I do this better next time?” “What other methods could work to help me move forward?” “What can I learn from this challenge?” “What will it cost me if I don’t accomplish this goal?”


I see each and every day as small incremental progress to my large goals – business, client, body and health. Each little tick box is an enjoyable achievement to keep me moving in the right direction. When I look back even over the last 12 months, I cannot believe how far I have come so far – I love my body and the business I am building to help other women love their bodies too!!

Importantly don’t make a New Years resolution, just because society pushes this mentality and follows the crowd. If you know in your heart of hearts there is something you wish to achieve, get clear, plan it out, track it and always remind yourself of the daily incremental gains.

This year, this amazingly weird transition from 2020 to 2021 – how about you make no resolution for January 1st – instead come up with a REAL, TRUE, LIBERATING plan of what life will hold for you from 2021 into the beyond!

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