S'Luxe A/W 20 Range - What inspired it??

By Sam Horne

The time has come, if you are reading this now, you may have already seen our new A/W clothing line...the S'Luxe range. But I wished to give a more detailed account of why and what was chosen to give you an insight to the processes here at Supreme.

You may be a new customer to us, you may be existing.

If you are existing, you may have a mix of our clothing line that we have launched over the last 12 months, these items have had thought behind them in regards to ensuring quality, comfort, and also offering something different to other suppliers on the most, or being able to offer an item that larger companies sell, but at an over inflated price thus where Supreme has stepped in to offer it at a cost that is more reasonable.

This time round we wanted to deliver something complete, a line that you can mix and match, something that colours wise was seasonal and warming, importantly to work with a supplier offering high quality super soft materials, unstoppable seams and a logo that would take us up a notch in the way we wish to reach out to you as our consumers.

This line is will grow, there will be new colours and designs as time and seasons progress to ensure we have you covered for all sports, fitness ventures or even those days you want to casually hang out in stylish and super comfy flattering items.

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