Is it all about looking GOOD or being HEALTHY?

Let's face it - many of us are all based on aesthetics rather than being healthy.

AND YES - many of us will think that looking good, means we are healthy - but there is actually a larger gap between the two than we think.

We often think that if we strive to look good, then this makes us 'healthy' via the means in which we take to get to that aesthetic end goal.

If we consider our favourite Insta fitness girls accounts - have you got them in your mind?

How many of those are you likely to ever meet in real life?

I have over the years met a few of my social media 'idols' up close, and you can see that what you see on the gram, certainly is not real up close! Damn did some of them really bomb in my estimations and shattered my vision of them.

Whether this was their hair being limp and dull, their skin being caked in makeup to hide what was really beneath, dull lifeless, their overall persona was on the whole....dull AF! You can instantly tell a healthy person from an unhealthy person regards their vivacious vibrance they have, that sparkle and glow.

To see someone up close and actually wonder ... "Is that really them? They don't look the same!?" can go to show the damage social media and filters are still having on us and importantly, the youth being more and more exposed to this every single day.

Our core health shines through from the inside out - our skin, hair, nails, our body and health does not mean we do not have body fat, as this is the point of this blog post today. Having an amount of body fat IS HEALTHY, it is NORMAL, we need it for optimal FUNCTION. These gymshark half naked bikini girls we see plastered on our social media daily, who stay lean all year round or have this perfect figure that is never a fat cell out of place... there is a questions over one's TRUE HEALTH here.

If you are someone who always prioritised aesthetics as your main goal, and that what drives you as a core value, you are always going to struggle being "on/off the wagon", disordered eating, potential self-loathing. If you prioritise aesthetics over health you will always struggle in some way.

Think of it this way, placing aesthetics OVER health in our hierarchy of needs in life, means you are so desperate on the pursuit to look 'great/perfect/hot/attractive', you are happy to sacrifice your health (and life) in order to achieve this. So, what happens when you get sick? What if something else happens in life that is unexpected, like getting pregnant? That perfectionistic side of you will potentially hit that 'F**k it' button and think 'I will deal with it when I can back to the gym properly in 9-10 months time' and so the cycle then still continues!

If you are someone who is very much on/off, yo-yoing between diets, overly stressed and pressured or letting it all go to pot, and yes I will include being 'on prep/off season', then I'm guessing you will have spent most of your teens, 20's, 30's being this way of these extremes either side of an aesthetic goal, then you have been a long time without really figuring out what your real necessary baseline of nutrition/fitness is to live a happy and sustainable life.

The issue is with having a very calorie focused, rigid set of rules and restrictions is that it teaches a total disconnect with your bodies food hunger cues, eating your set 5-6 meals per day bodybuilder style removes the bodies internal cues to correctly regulate and signal what and when it wants certain nourishment. These natural signals do fluctuate daily, they don't tell you to eat every 2-3 hours.

For our bodies to signal, efficiently work, recover from the inside out, this starts with fuelling correctly with nourishing foods.

If we are driven by aesthetics more so than health, and we label each cycle of weight loss achieved as our 'success', then when gained deeming self as a 'failure', then there is a clear sign here that your approach is not sustainable and more often than not is impacting your health but physically and mentally! We need to focus on both mental and physical fitness from the inside - out!

This does not mean becoming obsessed with 'health' - health is being able to eat and drink the things we enjoy in moderation. If you constantly obsess over what you eat or crave to eat, using rules and restriction, then your health must then come in to question.

If aesthetics is always your primary focus as something you feel you must achieve, you are setting yourself up to fail, especially if you do not have, or are unsure of how to live a life of health after this aesthetic goal is complete, whereby you do not live a life out of tupperware boxes, weighing every gram of rice to the precise grain, or dream and drool at all the foods that are 'bad', 'off limits', 'unhealthy'.

If you are competing for a bodybuilding competition then yes, there are certain rules to be adhered to in order to reach that goal - however this is not a sustainable life time goal. Many bodybuilders have a very damaged approach to nutrition and the food they each. There is a lot of work to do for many when they then wish to lead a 'normal life'.

Depending on my clients goals - I offer various ways of working, for the most part there is flexible structure. For many of us we need to relearn the sufficient amount of food quantities that are required to nourish our bodies, meal times/frequency is always guided by client lifestyle and when they can feel themselves get hungry (that is genuine and not thirst).

We then build upon food education for nourishment and enjoyment to build these in to what an individual requires for their body type, goal and also factoring in someone's DNA results if they so wish to have this tested. This allows us to see genetic variance and if someone is predisposed to being deficient in certain micronutrients that we require for optimal health.

To enquire about joining Team Supreme as either a monthly online client or to join my intensive programme to overcome binge and emotional eating and have diet food freedom


-Become your own Supreme Minority -

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