9 Top tips for your morning routine!

How do you wake up and start your day?

How we prime our morning can often direct how the rest of our day works out for us, it can be a fundamental gauge of success if you have a solid and embedded morning routine to kick start your day!

Why now?

Well...covid lockdown downs for a third time here in the UK, and although the mornings and evenings are getting slightly lighter, we practically do still see alot of darkness this time of year. So yes, I get it, mornings can be rough right now.

But whether you’re working from home, from an office, or are unemployed, you’ll be able to benefit from these morning mood boosters to add into your routine. The more we act from a place of engagement of our rational and logical brain, the more control we have over any urges and food decisions that come along in a given day.

Establishing a morning routine is something I focus on with my Ditch the Diet intensive clients, ensuring we tick the boxes to facilitate recovery, efficiently and effectively.

9 tips coming up...

1️⃣List to uplifting music

Music has been proven to improve your mood and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. When you wake up, pop on some calm and uplifting music. Have a playlist of your favourite songs to lift you each morning

2️⃣Listen to a podcast

Whilst you get ready for the day ahead, use a podcast to motivate yourself. Whether I start my day with a walk or simply roll into the office early doors, I like to get a good podcast on to get my brain moving.

3️⃣Do a 10 minute workout

Doing just 10 minutes of exercise in the morning is the perfect way to get the serotonin flowing around your body. It is about finding that minimally effective dose that works for you and your lifestyle.

4️⃣Put on some essential oils

Whatever your mood, there’s an oil for it. Essential oils have a subtle way of uplifting your mood.

5️⃣Head for a morning walk

Getting out as the sun rises (and if you can when the sunsets) can have a profound effect on helping your circadian rhythm in sleep when done routinely.


Putting your thoughts down on paper helps to stop them from aimlessly circling round your head all day. I like to list my intention for the day, a couple of points on gratitude, my top 3 priorities and then anything else circling my mind.

7️⃣Do something selfless

Selfless acts can be a great kick start! It could be making a cup of tea for someone or texting a friend to brighten up their morning. This week I helped a car stranded on the road in the snow on my morning walk, that felt pretty good.

8️⃣Enjoy a hot drink ️

Instead of rolling out of bed and rushing around, honour yourself by taking 10 minutes to sit with a hot drink in the morning. I'm a caffeine free bunny so I start my day with a Rooibos tea.

9️⃣Don’t check your phone ❌

Our phones can cause us to be reactive and in a heightened state of stress if we check them first thing in the morning! Could you delay looking at yours for the first 30-60 minutes of your day?

Which of these morning boosters will you be try first? Let me know in the comments below.

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