5 Top Tips to hit the ground running on GymDependence Day

By Sam Horne

I know it is a crazy happy day for many of us, one of freedom, elation, release and a build up on anticipation over the last 4 months...but for a good chunk of us, today brings a mass of anxiety, worry, and fear.

But how can we over come this?

For me and a couple of the Supreme Team - we actually are not going back today...we are waiting until it dies down a little. But if you are starting back today, here are some of our top tips for getting back into the Gym this weekend and over this next coming week

Tip 1: Have a phased plan!

Don't be hitting the gym all guns blazing, trying to do the same weight and reps you did before lock down. Take this next few weeks to find your feet again with resistance and movements. If the anxiety is hitting you hard, simply have a plan to do a very brief and sweet stint over this next week to get that familiarity back. Having this all documented and written down also allows you to have progress documented from a baseline which starts these next few days you get in the gym. Don't be the arse who ends up injured in their first week back to the gym or moans about weeks of DOM' mindful and respectful of your body.

Tip 2: Have a gym buddy

It isn't always possible I know, but where you can, get a friend to get back in the gym with you as moral support and distraction if the anxiety is screaming high! You can have a giggle and a laugh - releasing those tense thoughts.

Tip 3: Wear something that makes you feel good

I get it - many of us do - we have all been in lock down and if you have gained a little extra fat ... THIS IS OK!!! You are not alone and this does not define who you are!! But if you have some fab gym wear that makes you feel confident and dreamy, this is one less worry. I find the Supreme Bubble OR Harmonious Leggings, paired with a rag top to be a winner for the next few weeks of getting back in the gym.

Tip 4: Journal prior to heading to the gym

Now this can be the night before, the morning of and also just before entering the gym itself...get those thoughts and feelings down on the page and out of your mind! Once you have finished your gym session, now reflect back on those feelings; were they rational? How do you feel now? Write it down! Continue this process as a daily practice. Also there are many breathing techniques that can help reduce anxiety before you head in the door - have a moment with yourself in the car.

Tip 5: Head phones on...NO ONE CARES!

Get yourself a top playlist on the go, head phones on as no-one cares what you are doing. Most people are starting over again, many are feeling self conscious, you are not alone and trust me most people will be basking in excitement but also worrying about also being judged. So save your brain the energy and focus on your workout. GO AND ENJOY! You are doing this for you!

Don't forget - the LIFT LIFE LOG Training/life journals are currently on a GymDependence day special LIMITED offer @ £9.50

This log book includes:

- Daily training log/tracking

- Monthly Goal setting

- Monthly goal reflections

- Monthly menstrual cycle tracking

AND Daily quick fire journalling to accompany all of that

It offers you everything in one place to get the daily hustle down on to a page without having loads of various diaries/logbooks/journals all over the house. It is also a great introduction for those of you who are still new to the journalling side of self development.


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