5 Top tips on why should declutter for a happier Life!

By Kirsty Duffield

If you do not already follow Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo, then you might not be totally aware as to how decluttering can improve your life, but there is some science behind it. Apparently, decluttering is more than just a trend, it's good for us because it has some surprising health benefits of which you may not be aware and during lockdown, we have the perfect time for you to declutter that kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

1.Decluttering alleviates anxiety and depression:

When you cannot seem to find a place to store your things, many of us just leave them lying around for later so they end up cluttering up our homes. Apparently some research has suggested that the clutter produces high levels of the stress hormone called cortisol and in turn this can cause anxiety and depression so tidy up or put away and this will make you actually feel a lot more healthier.

2. Tidying up aids better sleep:

According to researchers from Saint Lawrence University in the US, it has been discovered that clutter in your bedroom cause interruptions to sleeping patterns. This is because it can fill your mind with uneasy and restless thoughts and this can result in poor sleep caused by mild depression and stress so instead of counting sheep before bed why not have a tidy up.

3. Cleaning and tidying up lessons’ allergens:

We've all got busy lives and with our houses being home to many hiding places for allergens by not decluttering we are subjecting ourselves to unnecessary risk. When you tidy up your home and organise your rooms you improve indoor ventilation and this helps to reduce the growth of mould and prevents rooms feeling stuffy, preventing the growth of nasty fungi. Decluttering can make your home cleaner and healthier in one foul swoop.

4. Encourages a happy environment:

A lot of us live with someone else, and this clutter can affect more than just us, it can affect everybody within the household regardless of who is responsible. This can cause stress between cohabitees and it can potentially lead to conflict, arguments and fights, but decluttering makes you feel better both as an individual and can also strengthen your relationships with the people that you live with encouraging people to have be able to have a happy environment together.

5. Gets you moving:

Who would have thought it but decluttering actually helps to keep you fit because without thinking about it cleaning up and tidying up involves a lot a lot of moving around such as dusting, moving, sorting etc. and if you want to lose a few pounds you can burn as many as 180 calories doing a declutter and as this is something you need to do continuously, whether you like it or not, it can be very much classed as regular exercise.

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