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About Me

I live in Doncaster and was born and raised here, from a young age I danced on stage in 

competitions that were held at the Parklands Social Club and the old, now demolished Civic 

Theatre so my love of being on stage and performing started many years ago. With regards to 

fitness, I have taken part in many sponsored events such as Race for life, Tough Mudder and Total 

Warrior raising money for charity before I decided to take up the challenge on a personal level to compete in Bodybuilding.

I started my competing journey in 2016 with a good understanding of fitness and personal training 

but little knowledge of the bodybuilding industry, but a passion to try and determination to get on 

stage. I’ve been in a dark, mental place where I have been overweight and until Dec 2012 was in a 

relationship with a man that was focused on alcohol so when I left that place fitness became my 

new focus and it helped me release any anger and feel better about myself, this then led me to 

change direction in my Tutor/assessor career where I was Assessing students for Eden Training 

Solutions and I gained a qualification in PT and GP referral so that I could then forward this 

information onto others and I now train apprentices in personal training which for me personally is 

so rewarding as I get to see others grow and inspire them to change into budding PT's.  

So Jan 2017 I researched coaches and I decided to work with Neve Lockin at Hercos Gym in 

Bentley, he brought me to stage in Sept 17’ with IBFA and I won ladies toned figure and ladies 

overall. I then went on to win Doncaster Central NABBA toned figure and after getting moved up 

to Athletic figure the following week in NABBA in the Open Yorkshire Classic, I took my third win of 

the season!!!!  


2018 was just as good with regards to achievement as i won the title of PCA UK, NABBA North East 

Champion, Miss Manchester Winner and IBFA Miss Britain which qualified me to compete in Rome 

in which I took third place in the world championships!  

Following this, I decided to work with Steve Johnson who is respected and loved within the 

industry, we have an exceptional relationship and support each other through the whole stage 

prep process,  following a longer offseason I return to stage in September 2019 to take the IBFA 

Doncaster Title and overall winner along with the NABBA Miss UK title.  


From a professional point of view, I have been working within the business sector as a tutor for over 10 years and fitness now for 6 and in 2019 I was promoted to work within our quality/development department. This means that I check the quality of the work that is being submitted to ensure standards are being met and support the other tutors using my experience and knowledge. I have many business qualifications that have all been gained through vocational 

training within the workplace which include HND IN management and Business, CTTLS in adult 

teaching and many additional qualifications such as Six Sigma, IAG, Coaching and Mental Health 

Awareness. Along with this I am also fully qualified in personal Training up to level 4 along with GP 

referral training to ensure the best care and support can be given to anyone I work with.  These all give me a sound understanding of the business and fitness world from an education point of view as well as being able to practically apply these skills.  

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